About Terry




Silver Spring, MD


My philosophy

I design jewelry because I believe art should be a part of everyday life,  and strive to create the pieces that convey simple, practical and contemporary style yet detailed craftmanship.

Artist Statement and Bio

For Terry, every design starts with a pencil and paper. He discovered his passion to draw, paint and create artistic interpretations of the world from when he was a child. Since then, his desire to bring his two dimensional creations to life has fueled his career in design and as a metalsmith.


After taking some basic jewelry courses from a local art school, he launched his first collection and hasn’t looked back. From his studio in Silver Spring, Maryland, Terry creates his works from Karat gold, sterling silver, pearl and gemstones. He often alters their textures and mixes various metals with detailed craftsmanship to create pieces that are truly unique.


Numerous clients have said that his work is simple yet elegant, showcasing his contemporary vision through mixed metals. He is a regular participant in various art shows throughout the Northeast, Midwest and DC Metropolitan area.

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