See us at BOOTH # 426, Dulles Expo, VA on Dec 10-12 , 2021
See us at BOOTH # 426, Dulles Expo, VA on Dec 10-12 , 2021
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About Terry

For Terry, every design starts with a pencil and paper. He discovered his passion for creating abstract, artistic interpretations of the world when he was a child. His desire to bring two dimensional creations to life drives his career as a designer and metalsmith.

He took a few basic jewelry courses from a local school where he fell in love with jewelry and then launched his very first collection. From his studio in Silver Spring, Maryland, Terry uses sterling silver, gold, gold-filled, mixed metals, pearls and gemstones. He often alters textures with detailed craftsmanship to create unique pieces.

His work is simple yet elegant, showcasing a contemporary vision in all of his collections. Normally, he is a regular participant in art shows throughout the Northeast, Midwest and DC Metropolitan area. During the pandemic, he's busy sketching new designs and crafting new pieces in his studio.