My Portfolio



Fun and vibrant mixed metals - sterling silver, copper and brass. A multi link of rings, either in 2-D or 3-D with multiple finishing textures. 



Sweet and delicate flower collection - All are made from textured sterling silver and accented with fresh water pearl.   

Peek a boo


The Peek a boo can trick your eyes with its light reflecting movement. SImple, elegant shapes yet lots of fun.



Cheerful and fresh- The different sizes of bubbles create movement and never get old when you look at it. This collection comes in all silver and mixed metals. They can be made in tri color solid gold.





Modern, stylistic, and simple. This sculpture collection is made with sterling silver and pearls. 



Elegant, luxurious, and classy - This collection is made of three different textures of sterling silver with gold overlay.  Special order of  solid gold and silver  are welcome.

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